FAQs: Application



How will The Sapelo Foundation communicate with me through the application process?

  • All scholarship notifications will come from The Sapelo Foundation’s scholarship database from the following email address: admin@communityforce.com. If a staff member needs to contact a student it will come from this email address or from info@sapelofoundation.org.

How can I communicate with The Sapelo Foundation through the application process?

  • If an applicant has a question or concern throughout the application process, they can email The Sapelo Foundation at info@sapelofoundation.org. A staff member will be able to respond during business hours within one to two business days. Applicants can access our Frequently Asked Questions at any time throughout the process. The Sapelo Foundation does not take phone calls from prospective scholars, current scholars, or parents/relatives regarding our scholarship program.

When will applications open and close?

  • Applications will open on January 1st.  Applications will close at 11:59pm on March 1st.  Applicants cannot apply for the scholarship before January 1st. Applications will not be accepted or received after the March 1st deadline.

I answered the pre-qualification questions and the system told me that I’m ineligible for the scholarship. I have met all of the eligibility requirements, but the system is still saying I’m ineligible. What should I do?

  • If an applicant is having issues with our pre-qualification questions, we encourage applicants to go back to the screen and read the questions carefully. We suggest writing down your answers to the questions first; then, select your answers on the screen.
  • If you are still receiving an ineligible message, and you believe you are eligible for the scholarship, please contact The Sapelo Foundation at info@sapelofoundation.org.

I started the application and I realized I started/submitted the wrong application (i.e. I started the new application instead of the returning application, or vice versa). What should I do?

  • If you believe you’ve started/submitted the wrong application, please email The Sapelo Foundation at info@sapelofoundation.org to remove the application from our system.
  • Please ensure you are starting/submitting the correct application. Applications submitted for the incorrect applicant type will not be accepted and will make the applicant ineligible to receive a scholarship. If you have a question about your applicant type, please contact The Sapelo Foundation for assistance at info@sapelofoundation.org.

Can I mail, e-mail or fax in my application or transcript?

  • All scholarship applications and transcripts must be submitted through our scholarship portal. Please see the application link on our About Scholarships or Eligibility Requirements page.

What type of academic transcript will The Sapelo Foundation accept? Do I need to submit an official or an unofficial transcript?

  • The Sapelo Foundation will accept official or unofficial transcripts from a student’s high school counseling office or college registrar’s office. The Sapelo Foundation prefers students to submit an official transcript with their application.
  • The Sapelo Foundation will not accept the following as academic transcripts: Screenshots of an official/unofficial transcript, Transcripts from a university online student account, Unreadable copies/jpeg file of a transcript, Word Documents, Degree works transcripts, Class Schedules or Report Cards.

How do I upload my transcript?

  • In the Student Information section of your application, there will be a question asking applicants to upload their transcript. Select the Browse Select the document on your computer saved as your transcript. Select Open to upload your transcript to your application.  Transcripts that are mailed or emailed to The Sapelo Foundation will not be accepted. All transcripts must be uploaded to your application.

How will I know if my application is received? 

  • After you submit your application, you will receive an email notification that your application was received with instructions on how to print a copy of your application. Please print a copy of your application for your records. In addition, when you log into your account through our scholarship portal, your status should state Submitted next to your application.

How can I print my application after I submit my application?

  • You can access a copy of your application through your scholarship account by logging into our scholarship portal. On your My Application page you can print your application by either (1) Selecting the PDF icon next to your application and printing your application, or (2) Selecting your application, and select Print Application from the Choose Action

Where can I find my status on the HOPE Scholarship?

  • Please visit gafutures.org, contact your financial aid officer at your institution, or talk to your school counselor to see if you are eligible.

What is a FASFA?

  • Please visit this website (https://fafsa.ed.gov/), contact your financial aid officer at your institution or talk to your school counselor to learn more about applying for federal student aid.

I don’t know how many credit hours I need to complete to graduate from my major. Where can I find this information?

  • Contact your academic advisor, department chair of your program of study, the academic advising office, or your registrar’s office at your institution to help you answer this question.

I am a new applicant. Will my ACT/SAT scores, or lack of scores, affect my ability to receive a scholarship?

  • Your ACT/SAT scores, or no scores from these tests will not affect your eligibility to receive a scholarship from The Sapelo Foundation. These scores are for research and reporting purposes only.

I am a new applicant and a graduating senior taking dual-enrollment classes. I plan to attend the school where I’m taking my dual enrollment classes next year. Where can I put this on my application?

  • If you plan to attend the school you are currently taking dual enrollment classes, you will be able to provide this information on the application in the College Information section.

I am a returning applicant. The application asks for the college I am currently attending. I am planning to transfer to a different college/school in the fall. Should I put the name of the college I am currently enrolled or the college I will attend in the fall? 

  • At the time of submitting your application, please enter the college you are currently attending – not the school you are planning to transfer to and attend for the upcoming academic year. If you are awarded a scholarship for the upcoming academic year, you will be able to inform us about the new school when you accept your scholarship.

I am a returning applicant applying for graduate study funding. Do I need to provide my acceptance letter with my application?

No, an acceptance letter is not required at the time of application. If you are selected as a scholar, you will be required to provide an acceptance letter from your graduate school to receive a scholarship.