FAQs: Changing Colleges

Changing Colleges


I am a returning applicant and I’ve been selected as an upcoming scholar. I am transferring and attending a different school than what I put on my application.   How can I inform you of the new school I will be transferring to and attending for the upcoming academic year?

  • The Scholarship Acceptance section will ask you to confirm the school you are attending for the upcoming academic year. If this school is different from what you indicated on your application, at this time, please  provide (1) the name of the new school you are attending/ transferring to for the upcoming academic year, (2) the name and address of the financial aid office for where your scholarship award will be mailed, (3) the email address of your financial aid office, and  (4) your acceptance letter to this new school.

I’ve been awarded a scholarship for this upcoming academic year. I’ve submitted my Scholarship Acceptance information before July 1st. What do I do if I change colleges/schools after I submit my Scholarship Acceptance information and it is before July 1st?

  • Please go to our Eligibility Requirements page to view our procedure if you are planning on changing colleges. These instructions can also be viewed in your Scholarship Agreement Form.

I am transferring to another school after July 1st or in the middle of the academic year. Will I be able to transfer my scholarship award to my new school?

  • At this time, The Sapelo Foundation is unable to assist scholars financially if you transfer schools after the July 1st deadline and/or in the middle of the academic year. However, we do encourage you to reapply for the scholarship for the upcoming academic year when applications open in January – pending you met all eligibility and renewal requirements as a returning scholar.