Grant Application

Application Process

IMPORTANTThe Sapelo Foundation plans to have a new Strategic Plan in place by late 2019/early 2020. In 2018, The Sapelo Foundation will not consider new grant applications (i.e. applications from organizations that did not receive a grant in 2017) with two exceptions. The Sapelo Foundation will consider a very limited number of new grant applications ONLY if the purpose of the grant is social change regarding: (1) civic engagement related to the 2020 Census or (2) familial disruption affecting new Americans/immigrants.

Additionally, The Sapelo Foundation values strong grant applications that focus on: (1) vulnerable populations as participants and leaders (not just beneficiaries), (2) collaboration across organizations, networks, and coalitions in Georgia (not just individual organizations’ work), (3) strategies of civic engagement, advocacy, and organizing that address root causes of systemic challenges for Georgians (not direct services providing short-term basic needs), and (4) solutions that can “move the needle” for true social or environmental change (not just analysis of problems). The annual grant application deadlines are 2/15 (Spring) and 8/15 (Fall).

The following components are required to complete the Online Grant Application:


  • Cover Letter
  • Budget
  • List of Foundation Funding Sources
  • List of Governing Board Members
  • IRS Tax Determination Letter
  • Recommended/Optional – Organizational Overview and Strategic Plan Summary


  • Organization Information
  • Contact Information
  • Grant Information



Grant Application Deadlines – February 15 (Spring) and August 15 (Fall) before midnight Eastern Time. Grant applications will be posted at least 1 month before the deadline.