Grant Application

Application Process

IMPORTANTThe Sapelo Foundation plans to have a new Strategic Plan in place in 2020. In 2019, The Sapelo Foundation will not consider new grant applications (i.e. applications from organizations that did not receive a grant in 2018) with two exceptions. The Sapelo Foundation will consider a very limited number of new grant applications ONLY if the purpose of the grant is social change regarding: (1) civic engagement related to the 2020 Census or (2) familial disruption affecting new Americans/immigrants.


The following components are required to complete the Online Grant Application:


  • Cover Letter
  • Budget
  • List of Foundation Funding Sources
  • List of Governing Board Members
  • IRS Tax Determination Letter
  • Recommended/Optional – Organizational Overview and Strategic Plan Summary


  • Organization Information
  • Contact Information
  • Grant Information



Grant Application Deadlines – February 15 (Spring) and August 15 (Fall) before midnight Eastern Time. Grant applications will be posted at least 1 month before the deadline. 

Special note: Only applications for a one-time “collaborative 2020 census grant” are due March 1.