Grant Reporting

Grant Reporting

Report Deadlines

  • After receiving a grant, the Foundation requires a Progress Report by February 1 (Spring Grant Cycle) or August 1 (Fall Grant Cycle) of the following year.
  • Progress Reports will be made available at least 1 month before the deadline.
  • For consideration, all Progress Reports must be submitted via the online portal (not mail or email).
  • Grantee partners who do not submit Progress Reports on time and through the online portal are not eligible for future funding.
  • Upon review of Progress Reports, the Foundation may request a Final Report from some grantee partners, in which case the deadlines are June 1 (Spring Grant Cycle) or December 1 (Fall Grant Cycle). If a grantee partner does not receive a request for a Final Report, no Final Report is required.

Report Purposes

  • The Foundation values reflection and assessment, especially when working with our grantee partners on shared goals as important and complex as environmental protection and social justice in Georgia. Therefore, the Foundation asks grantee partners to complete a Progress Report for several valuable reasons:

(1) Learn while analyzing how your external outcomes (results and changes, not just outputs and activities) compare to the goals for external outcomes that you set last year. What were your successes and setbacks this year, and how will they deter or enhance your external outcomes in the future?

(2) Learn while analyzing how your internal capacities (leadership, values, time management, resources, talent, partnerships, strategic plan, technology, etc.) affect the goals for external outcomes that you set last year. What were your successes and setbacks this year, and how will they deter or enhance your external outcomes in the future?

Conversation Weeks

  • The Foundation staff is accessible at any time and always interested in engaging with grantee partners. In addition, Foundation staff dedicates the last full week of January (Spring Grant Cycle) and last full week of July (Fall Grant Cycle) as “Conversation Weeks.” Grantee partners or potential grantee partners are encouraged to contact the Foundation staff to set up calls, in order to share updates, discuss questions, provide anecdotal context, and help put their best foot forward in their Grant Applications and Progress Reports.


  • Extension requests, if there are special circumstances, are required in advance of the grant report deadline.


The Online Report Form is available only through accessing the account created by a nonprofit organization that has already applied for a grant using the Foundation’s online application process.