What We Fund social-justice

The increasing diversity of Georgia presents the state with numerous opportunities and challenges. At the same time there is a continuing need to work on breaking down long held beliefs and stereotypes that are based on race, gender, and poverty, and are barriers to mutual trust and respect.

The Foundation believes that the development of sound public policy is crucial to effective government and the empowerment of the citizenry. Therefore, it is the aim of the Foundation to strengthen representative democracy in Georgia through efforts that educate the public about government institutions and polices, promote civic engagement and responsibility, and monitor government performance.

JUSTGeorgia’s Goals and Objectives

The primary goal of JUSTGeorgia is to create a long term coalition that will advocate, monitor, and report on the conditions, laws, and policies that affect Georgia’s youth. Fundamental to this goal are two initial objectives:

1) To work for better public policy that reflects the scientific findings and best practices in the child development field; and

2) To identify and change policies in Georgia’s underlying social services system that can prevent detention and sustain healthy behaviors outside the juvenile justice system.

Currently, the Foundation’s primary focus is a strategic campaign advocating for fairness for children in the state’s justice system.

The Foundation was instrumental in the creation of JUSTGeorgia and its active members currently receive priority for funding. If you are interested in learning more about JUSTGeorgia or becoming a member, please visit www.justgeorgia.org.

Through its newly created New Americans Initiative, the Foundation is exploring ways in which it may encourage increased civic engagement among Georgia’s new Americans. It will announce its plans, including funding priorities and goals for this new initiative, as soon as they are approved and adopted by the Board of Trustees.