We Are on a Mission

For a Just Georgia
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We are dedicated to aligning 100% of our capital with our mission, by serving as a grantmaking partner, mission investor, convener, thought partner, advocate, and more.

Mission & Vision


We strive for a just Georgia, through partnerships and solutions that increase environmental protection, social prosperity, and civic power.


All Georgians – especially marginalized communities, communities of color, and rural communities – live in healthy environments, have access to the resources they need to thrive, and engage in a just democracy.

Values & Practices

Power-Building Strategies

Catalyze just systemic change through power-building strategies of policy advocacy, civic engagement, and grassroots community organizing.

Marginalized Communities

Support marginalized communities – particularly communities of color – so they are included in and benefit from the creation and implementation of just policies and practices.

Rural-urban Continuum

Apply a statewide lens across Georgia’s rural-urban continuum.

interconnected agenda

Breakdown silos to unite interconnected agendas.

Networks & Collaborations

Strengthen networks and collaborations.


Strengthen capacity of our grantee partners.


Leverage all of our capital to advance our mission.

Priorities & Grant Portfolios

Environmental Justice & Protection

Social Justice

McIntosh County