Become a Grantee Partner

Become a Grantee Partner

We are on a mission for a just Georgia. Will you join us as a grantee partner? As a grantmaking partner, we believe grants for just systemic change begin with partnerships… and partnerships begin with connections. So, we welcome Letters of Connection (LOC) from current, potential, and former grantee partners. 

Letter of Connection (LOC)

Submit this online form if your work aligns with ours.

Note: In 2021, our trustees approved two long-term priorities for each of our main grant portfolios. For grant portfolio I: Environmental Justice & Protection, they approved (1) water and (2) climate/energy. For grant portfolio II: Social Justice, they approved (1) voting rights and (2) criminal justice.

  • January 15 annual deadline: Environmental Justice & Protection grant portfolio.
  • July 15 annual deadline: Social Justice grant portfolio.


The following resources may be useful as you consider submitting a Letter of Connection.


Potential grantee partners must

  • Be a 501(c)3 organization or use fiscal agent who is a 501(c)3 organization.
  • Work in Georgia with significant commitment to areas outside of metro Atlanta.

The Sapelo Foundation does not

  • Fund capital campaigns or brick-and-mortar building projects.
  • Sponsor events.

Please see our Strategic Direction Summary for additional information regarding eligibility, grant criteria, and funding calendars.

Letter of Connection (LOC) - Sample Form

Preview the Letter of Connection.

FAQs & Glossary

Find helpful answers and definitions.

Planning Matrix

Use some or all of this tool, if it will help advance your work (available in PDF or Word).