Collaboration Development Fund


Support external, collaborative efforts across two or more organizations or networks.



Advance the desired outcomes of Grant Portfolios I-III.



Quarterly, open grant process for direct grantee partners that seek up to $5,000.


Applicants must:
  • Represent organizations or networks that received a direct grant (not regrant) from us within the last two years, but other organizations or networks must also directly benefit from the support and serve as co-applicants.
  • Have submitted reports for all previously awarded CDF grants. CDF reports are due by December 15 of the year of the award or sooner.
  • Share collaborative, promising, and important plans that advance the goals of one of our other grant portfolios: Environmental Justice & Protection, Social Justice, or McIntosh County.

Quarterly Deadlines & Budget

Applications are considered for up to $5,000 each and reviewed quarterly, until the fund is depleted for the year.

Q1 Deadline: February 1
Q2 Deadline: May 1
Q3 Deadline: August 1
Q4 Deadline: November 1